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Paul Hawkins aka Bob Modem


  • Le Teanga (With Language) began in 2010.

  • It ended in 2020.

  • It comprised of works by Paul Hawkins (also known as Bob Modem) and others.

  • These works took the form of books, pamphlets, performances, audio works, visual poems, artworks, exhibitions, experiments, online publications, thoughts, rants & silences of the artist and the artist in collaboration with a number of other artists. Many works were unrecorded. Many are contradictory.

  • Publically some of these works have been judged as meaningful, and of having a sometimes defined, sometimes undefined value; some have been found wanting, some have not yet been judged.

  • We welcome your thoughts, purchases, critiques & comments.

  • The artist is currently working on Gan Teanga (Without Language), which may end in 2030.

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