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June - Sept 2022 6 Poem Brut-ish workshops held at Eachwhat Studio culminating in an exhibition/event

Man Alive! Creative Writing Workshops
April 2022 - ongoing work with Knowle West Men’s Group Man Alive! at KWMC

Nov 2021 - Feb 2022 at Knowle West Media Centre, Bristol & Bristol Ideas Working Class Writers Festival

EWI Studio
Aug, 2021 - a studio, exhibition, performance  and work space in SE Bristol details here

handsfreeBob Modem’s deconstructions of Martin Wakefield’s renderings of Paul Éluard’s illustrations of Man Ray’s drawings (from part I of Les Main Libres) to be published by Steel Incisors, 2022

Holding Patterns
2021 - a place/space photo collaboration w/Julia Rose Lewis A selection from Holding Patterns was published by Beir Bua Press in Dec, 2021. Book launch event & print exhibition took place at Eachwhat Studio April 2022

#1 Oct 6 2021 a ten year plan, work-in-progress

Photo Poetry SURFACES June - Dec 2021
Part of the Bristol Photography Festival 2021, curated by David Solo, Astra Papachristodoulou & Paul Hawkins. An exhibition, launch event & catalogue; Photo Poetry SURFACES 2021 (Hesterglock Press, 2021). Website.

A & B Sides 2021
Bob Modem made 13 Scores. Small Things Happen read, improvised, played & recorded them in Lockdown Bristol, 2021. The A & B Sides album w/the 13 Scores is a digital download on Bandcamp ︎︎︎here

P & P (Patrick Cosgrove & Bob Modem)
2020 early stage, work-in-progress; a short film / soundtrack commissioned by Poem Brut : sound(s), verbal & non-verbal, scratches, scrapes, booms & clashes, sound-mapping thoughts, electrical impulses & mulched brain-mechanics

Second Step Wellbeing College
2020 - present running Poem Brut workshops for learners at Second Step Bristol’s Wellbeing Collegehave a look at the remarkable new work made during these sessions here   

NeoptiCo Collectiv 
2020 various members ongoing future-facing visual poetry

Second Step Bristol
2020 - 2022 I co-developed & co-delivered a lived-experience led training course, Staying Alive - Surviving Pain, Suicide & Self-injury for staff.

Place Waste Dissent & Diisonance
2017 - present - art-ish cut & paste protest collage [2nd edition expanded paperback] 
collaboration w/Steve Ryan

Dostoyevsky Wannabe Cities: Bristol 
2019 writers/poets based in Bristol; editor & contributor [paperback]

Go Sift Omen
2019 erasure of Don Patterson’s God’s Gift to Women (Knives Forks and Spoons Press, 2019)

Gan Teanga (Without Language)
circa 2018 comprising of works by Paul Hawkins (also known as Bob Modem) and others - ongoing

Lou Ham: Racing Anthropocene Statements
2018 paperbackmotor-racing/climate change cut-up sloganeering (Dostoyevsky Wannabe Original, 2018)

50 // fifty
w/Michael Harford - constrained text & collage collaboration ( Hesterglock Press, 2018)

Burning House Press
2018 Guest-editor, November. Theme: Facing Up To The Future, take a look HERE

2018 - 2021 a collaborative, abstract graphic novel w/Steve Ryan - dormant

Poem Brut
2017 a movement of alternative understandings of C21st literature: events, exhibitions, publications continued involvment as a workshop facilitator, performer, artist & publisher

2017collaborative artworks w/Steve Ryan as responses to Place Waste Dissent; exhibitions, performances, anthology, archived website, ACE funded project.w/Steve Ryan and others (Hesterglock Press, 2017)

Archive of the Now 
some of my work archived along with many, many more . . .online archive

2017 chris turnbull's project of ongoing site specific poetry installations in Canada, contributor

Paul Hawkins & Rowan Evans
2016. Three pieces performed live at the St John Sessions, Bristolreleased as St John Sessions (cassette/download)
Run Logan Run curated performances includes Rowan Evans & Paul Hawkins, and Run Logan Run & Paul Hawkins

Jimmy Cauty’s Aftermath Dislocation Principle Riot Tour
June 21-24, 2016 Tottenham, London
The night featured an intro from Jimmy Cauty, poems by Sam Berkson and Paul Hawkins, screening from Fahim Alan's documentary Riots Reframed, a talk on direct action by activist Sheila Mennon and a panel discussion at the end with all speakers and Steve Lowe from L-13.
As part of the Tottenham stop, poets Paul Hawkins and Sam Berkson put on a spoken word, film and discussion night about recent riots and dissent in the UK in response to the ADP riot tour.

The Secret of Good Posture
a pair of detourned pamphlets (Team Trident Press, 2016) with Bruno Neiva

2016 - 2019 Hesterglock Press, Sad Press & Moot Press curating experimental poetry events based at Arnolfini, Bristol

Servant Drone
2015 collaborative experimental poetry w/Bruno Neiva
paperback (Knives Forks and Spoons Press, 2015)

Place Waste Dissent
paperback (Influx Press, 2015)over 150 handmade pages of experimental, cut & paste protest collage 1st Edition SOLD OUT

Unprepared Piano
Jan 7 - Feb 1, 2014 The Sidemen curate sound interventions to the dismantling of two pianos featuring sound & word performances /  interventions by Paul Hawkins, Andrew McCutchion + visiting artists and musicians responding to the slow disassembly of two piano’s
venue: SIX Project Space, Roumelia Lane, Boscombe, Bournemouth

paperback (Erbacce Press, 2014)
“mapping the run-off's from Claremont Rd to Cameron, the experiments continue” - Tony White

Hesterglock Press
2013 to present - publisher of mostly future-facing work, founded & co-run w/Sarer Scotthorne ongoing

The Sidemen2013 to present - sound workshops & performances w/Andrew McCutchionfor Vita Nova, Boscombe

Boscombe Suite Boscombe
Dec 13, 2013 - a live improvised soundtrack performance by The Music Room Band to a film produced by Sarer Scotthorne improvised soundtrack performance to film screening

2013 collaborative text/art w/artist Mark Lloyd

Claremont Road
2013 pamphlet, Erbacce Press (2013)
“self-medicated visions of entropy & sensual returns” , Iain Sinclair

Untold Boscombe
2013-2014 locative community storytelling website

Truculent Enigma
2007 sampled and made on a cheap laptop in 2007;  gnoua-influenced electronica album [free download] If This Is Your Best Shot Okra?

Le Teanga (With Language)
1968 - 2018 Comprises of works by Paul Hawkins (also known as Bob Modem) and others.archiving in progress