Contains work by Paul Hawkins (aka Bob Modem), taking the form of, but not limited to, books, pamphlets, performances, audio works, visual works, exhibitions, experiments, thoughts, rants & silences of the artist and the artist in collaboration with a number of other artists. Many of these works will never be recorded. Many are contradictory. Publicly some of these works will be judged. Take a look by following the links below. Critiques, thoughts & comments always welcome.

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P & P

P & P is Patrick Cosgrove & Bob Modem a collaborative project still developing, a work-in-progress : sound(s), verbal and non-verbal, scratches, scrapes, booms, a sound-mapping of thoughts, electrical impulses and mulched brain-mechanics. When it’s finished, this Poem Brut commission will take the form of a performance of an improvised soundtrack to an abstract short film.