Paul Hawkins/Bob Modem always under construction

Written by Paul Hawkins, based on three years he spent occupying properties in London. FLEA tells the story of several characters and a chain of events that began 1990 in the (in)famous squatted community of Claremont Road in Leyton east London.

taken from the album If This Is Your Best Shot Okra?
by truCulentEnigma (Paul Hawkins/Bob Modem)

track listing:
> 1. ramirez 1 - 5.10
> 2. gimbri - 21.05
> 3. drugless - 1.46
> 4. slake long march - 6.54
> 5. mill house draw - 6.30
> 6. three teas carnie mood - 7.47
> 7. ghost and out - 4.27
> 8. bloke likes three's - 4.25

all songs ©hesterglock/paul hawkins 2007

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hpcd031 www.headphonica.net 2008

During a reading at The Square Club, Bristol on 30/05/2018, I tore out pages from experimental collage cut-up book, Place Waste Dissent (Influx Press 2015) and gave them out to the audience as gifts, inviting everyone to read the text simultaneously from the page(s).

Pages were torn out of Place Waste Dissent and given to the audience as gifts. The audience were then invited to perform what was on their page all at the same time in a joyous and random collaborative performance. This performance took place at The Gallery Cafe, Old Ford Road, Bethnal Green London on 8/9/2017, during the launch of #diisonance.

Paul hawkins reading at a gig with Schoolboy's Death Trio in Bristol at Mr. Wolf's on 04/09/2015... sketch of Paul H by Jason Atomic