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Holding Patterns: Julia Rose Lewis & Paul Hawkins

Holding Patterns (Beir Bua Press, 2021) collaboration w/Julia Rose Lewis
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Special Edition set of six Holding Patterns postcards
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Praise for Holding Patterns:

“ A stunning travel record of everyday visual poetry.. Holding Patterns draws attention to and invites the viewer to consider textures, colours and shapes of the ordinary with an open mind of vast possibilities. Mesmerising and artistic.”
- Rezia Wahid

“When I’m moving, I’m going through change. Place me in the air, where there maybe no consequences, time has no bearing and land can’t age me, I’m relieved enough to think clearly but I know that what I left behind will never be the same again; where I’m going will change me forever. When I’m in a Holding Pattern, in flight, I’m able to do my most lucid of thinking; momentarily, I’m free. I’ve felt most alive in places that I’m least at home, where I’m most likely to experience change. At these times I reach for a camera. It acts as a collection unit for effervescent experiences that meld me with their heat, burn me into an other. Reliving these moments show I survived, show others I lived and how. Creating a dialogue of images collected in states of overwhelmed-ness must help us process, even if to divert us from our inability to land ourselves.”
- Tom Skipp

“This powerful, sometimes visceral, sequence of visual poems deliberately avoids directing the viewer where to look. And that’s the point. Holding Patterns is a subtle yet intense exploration of ‘what it means to be easily overwhelmed in 21st century America’. Lewis and Hawkins sensitively deploy unexpected colour saturation and light exposure, off-kilter framing, and oblique perspectives to suggest permeability and fragility in the face of the barrage of sensory stimuli which is America and indeed, much of the world, today. The collection overtly explores themes of travel, technology, memory and place, but it is also a moving synthesis of two personal archives which tell of the pain and queasiness of sensory overload.”
- Susie Campbell

We started by exchanging digital archives of traveling through America at times when we were overwhelmed, shaken, overrun and worn down by particular personal circumstances.

We’ve created a third archive of shared visual poetry with the intention of organizing the visual poetry into a collection exploring the nature of travel, technology, memory and place and what it means to be easily overwhelmed in twenty-first century America. We concluded that balancing the past, the present and the future is somewhat akin to air traffic controllers guiding/marshalling their airborne responsibilities into holding patterns, until circumstances are right for them to move on. This work harnesses technology to share, re-think, appropriate, re-designate, re-document, de-memorialise. Taking place deep within this collaborative exchange is a remarkable transformation; placing those memories/circumstances/emotional responses in slow (e)mo(tion) holding patterns until each of us feels ready to move on.

A Holding Patterns exhibition will be held at Eachwhat Industries Studio in 2022.

This is an ongoing collaborative project.

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Paul Hawkins aka Bob Modem
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