EWI STUDIO: Paul Hawkins aka Bob Modem
Unit 18, The Broadwalk Centre Bristol BS4 2QU

Holding Patterns: a collaborative project with Julia Rose Lewis

We started by exchanging  digital archives of traveling through America at times when we were overwhelmed, shaken, overrun and worn down by particular personal circumstances.

We’ve created a third archive of their shared visual poetry with the intention of organizing the visual poetry into a collection exploring the nature of travel, technology, memory and place and what it means to be easily overwhelmed in twenty-first century America. We concluded that balancing the past, the present and the future is somewhat akin to air traffic controllers guiding/marshalling their airborne responsibilities into holding patterns, until circumstances are right for them to move on. This work harnesses technology to share, re-think, appropriate, re-designate, re-document, de-memorialise. Taking place deep within this collaborative exchange is a remarkable transformation; placing those memories/circumstances/emotional responses in slow (e)mo(tion) holding patterns until each of us feels ready to move on.

A selection of Holding Patterns will be published in book form by Beir Bua Press on Dec 9, 2021.

There will be a Beir Bua Press launch event on Dec 21, 2021.

A Holding Patterns exhibition will be held at Eachwhat Industries Studio in 2022.

This is an ongoing collaborative project.

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Paul Hawkins aka Bob Modem: