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Paul Hawkins aka Bob Modem

GAN TEANGA Performances 

with thanks to SJ Fowler for filming



June 10: A City of London Poem Brut walking event feat. Saradha Soobrayen, Paul Hawkins, Richard Marshall, Susie Campbell, Martin Wakefield, Chris Kerr, Dan Power, Denise Bonetti, Robin Boothroyd & SJ Fowler more to be announced 19:00-21:00

June 11: A Poem Brut walking tour event by the Thames in Kingston feat. Bob Bright, Julia Lewis, Jacqui Ennis Cole, Saradha Soobrayen, Paul Hawkins, Susie Campbell, Patrick Cosgrove, Chris Kerr, Silje Ree, Simon Tyrrell more to be announced 16:00

June 17: Photo Poetry SURFACES online exhibition OPENING NIGHT

19:00 Pt1. Panel discussion with Chris McCabe, Jon Nicholls, Federica Chiocchetti & David Solo
20:00 Pt2. Performances featuring Tom Hicks/Liz Berry, Astra Papachristodoulou, James Knight, Laurent Chevalier/Jamila Lyiscott, SJ Fowler, Sarah Cave/Dragana Jurisic, Paul Hawkins, Amak Mahmoudian & Vik Shirley

Part of the Bristol Photo Festival 2021, SURFACES is curated by David Solo, Astra Papachristodoulou & Paul Hawkins, more info

June 17 - December 31: Photo Poetry SURFACES online exhibition, part of #BPF2021. SURFACES is curated by David Solo, Astra Papachristodoulou & Paul Hawkins, more info

July - Aug: Postcards for Perec at UWE, Bower Ashton Library, Bristol. In the 40th anniversary of the passing of Georges Perec, new postcards have been made in response to Perec’s 1978 work Two Hundred and Forty-three Postcards in Real Colour

Oct 6: NO POETRY DAY more details


Dec 16 - The Weird Folds (Dostoyevsky Wannabe, 2020) online launch 8.00pm UK

Oct 30 – Nov 1: Prague Microfestival 2020 Online INTERNATIONAL WRITING, ART, FILM, THEORY & PERFORMANCE – performing were: Nina Dragičević, Robin Mackay, Loretta Lau, Germán Sierra, Susan Tomaselli, John Trefry, Nataša Velikonja, Louis Armand, Jo Blin, Richard Makin, Yi Wei, Paul Hawkins, Sheila Mannix, Richard Marshall, Dragana Mokan, Márk Horváth, The Flatmates, Orkida Bracula, Valen Sandoval, Danny Huppatz, Simone Hutchinson, Artis Ostups, Kira Pietrek, Michael Rowland, Interior Ministry, Barry Wan, Adam Lovasz, Diffractions Collective, Vít Bohal, Dustin Breitling, Aleš Čermák, Sarer Scotthorne, Andrew J. Wilt, Roksan Mandel, Filip Pastula, Tomáš Hatala, Mark Divo, M.S. Mekibes, Blood, Love & Rhetoric, Phillip O’Neil, Tyko Say, Eli Anders, adO/Aptive, Daniel Hüttler, Márió Z. Nemez, Zsolt Miklósvögi, Cam Deas, The Syndicate &  includes the launch of Monument  by John Kinsella & Louis Armand (Hesterglock Press, 2020) full online programme here

Aug 15 - Sept 5: NeoptiCo Collectiv launch exhibition + book launch Astropolis (Hesterglock Press, expanded 2nd edition) by Astra Papachristodoulou at Poem Atlas more details TBA curated by Astra Papachristodoulou & Paul Hawkins

May 28 - Fathomsun Press curate an online launch for Pomes & Joys - a celebratory anthology of poetry & essays for Anna Mendelssohn starts 7pm. This anthology features contributions from Charlie Baylis, Sara Crangle, Stephen Emmerson, Joey Frances, Callie Gardner, Paul Hawkins, Linda Kemp, Lotte L.S., Tom Snarsky, Vicky Sparrow, and Florence Uniacke. Published on 18th May 2020 as a PDF // 45 pp, all proceeds donated to the Estate of Anna Mendelssohn ︎ BUY a copy

Feb 22: Dostoyevsky Wannabe special launch event for SJ Fowler’s I will show you the life of the mind (On prescription drugs) (Dostoyevsky Wannabe 2020) at Rich Mix, Bethnal Green Rd, London. Featuring these DW authors; SJ Fowler, Christodoulos Makris, Nadia de Vries, Dominic Jaeckle, Andrew Hodgson, James Davies, Jessica Sequeir, Paul Hawkins, Colin Herd & Russell Bennetts

Feb 23: launch event for SJ Fowler’s I will show you the life of the mind (On prescription drugs) (Dostoyevsky Wannabe 2020) w/ Nadia de Vries, Dominic Jaeckle, Andrew Hodgson, Jessica Sequeira, Christodoulos Makris, Paul Hawkins, Colin Herd, SJ Fowler and Russell Bennetts at the Toriano Meeting House, 99 Torriano Avenue, Kentish Town, London NW5 2RX

Jan 29: Temporary Spaces exhibition launch night featuring music and performances from some of the contributing poets involved in the show. Contributing artists and poets include Sarah Dawson, Paul Hawkins, Silje Ree, Claire Collison, Stephen Emmerson, James Knight, Michelle Penn, Simon Tyrrell, Astra Papachristodoulou and Nic Stringer. FREE entry/£3 suggested donation w/chance to buy a unique exhibition catalogue published by Pamenar Press