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Paul Hawkins aka Bob Modem

Gan Teanga (Without Language)
Projects, Collaborations, Works-in-Progress, Books etc

why chant meat - ltd. edition colour pamphlet of phoetry & visual poetry due 17/6

NO POETRY DAY Oct 6 2021 - a ten year plan

Photo-Poetry SURFACESpart of the Bristol Photography Festival 2021, curated by David Solo, Astra Papachristodoulou & Paul Hawkins. An online exhibition, performance & discussion/debate. An exhibition catalogue to be published by Hesterglock Press. A website. A twitter feed @PhoetryS. Full line-up announced in April. More details here.

A & BSIDESSmall Things Happen & Bob Modem. Modem made 12 Visual Score. Small Things Happen read, improvised & recorded them in Bristol, 2021.

FLEAa collaborative, abstract graphic novel w/Steve Ryan

HANDSFREEBob Modem’s deconstructions of Martin Wakefield’s renderings of Paul Éluard’s illustrations of Man Ray’s drawings (from part I of Les Main Libre)

P & P (Patrick Cosgrove & Bob Modem) - early stage, work-in-progress; a short film / soundtrack commissioned by Poem Brut : sound(s), verbal & non-verbal, scratches, scrapes, booms & clashes, sound-mapping thoughts, electrical impulses & mulched brain-mechanics
SECOND STEP BRISTOL - I’ve co-developed and co-deliver a lived-experience led training course, Staying Alive - Surviving pain, Suicide & Self-injury for Second Step staff in 2021. 

Poem Brut - alternative understandings of C21st literature as performer, artist & publisher. I’ve been running Poem Brut workshops for learners at Second Step Bristol’s Wellbeing College since 2020. Have a look at the remarkable new work made during these sessions here

NeoptiCo Collectivfuture-facing visual poetry

Hesterglock Press - publisher of mostly future-facing work, founded & co-run w/Sarer Scotthorne since 2013 & continues.

publications (click on a title to find out more & buy)

- forthcoming

Photo Poetry SURFACES Vol. 1 (Hesterglock Press) exhibition catalogue - contributor, due June 17, 2021
why chant meat (Hesterglock Press) due June 17 - ltd. edition colour pamphlet
FLEA (Hesterglock Press, 2021) an abstract graphic novel by Steve Ryan & Paul Hawkins
EACHWHAT Vol.2 (Knives Forks & Spoons Press, due TBA) by Paul Hawkins/Bob Modem
HANDSFREE (Pamenar Press, 2022) translation/deconstruction collab. by Martin Wakefield & Bob Modem
SEEN AS READ (KUP, 2021) anthology contributor
ON THE SAME PAGE (Timglaset Editions, 2021) anthology contributor
A & BSIDES Small Things Happen & Bob Modem - book / digital download more details TBA

- in print

EACHWHAT Vol. 1 (Knives Forks and Spoons Press, 2020)
Ring More Gack (Penteract Press, 2019) pamphlet
Place Waste Dissent & Diisonance (Hesterglock Press, 2020) expanded 2nd edition by Paul Hawkins & Steve Ryan

- works in selected anthologies/magazines

THE MOUTH OF A LION (Steel Incisors, 2021) anthology contributor
Writing Utopia 2020 (Hesterglock Press, 2020) contributor w/Martin Wakefield
original plus DUB (Hesterglock Press, 2019) co-editor/contributor w/Steve Ryan
Alienist Magazine 8 (2020) contributor - free download
F A K E (Corrupted Poetry pamphlet, 2020) group exhibition catalogue
Temporary Spaces (Pamenar Press, Jan 29 2020) group exhibition catalogue
Science Poetry anthology (Penteract Press, 2020) £9 ︎buy
the weird folds (Dostoyevsky Wannabe Original, 2020) anthology contributor
Tenabrae IV: Pomes & Joys for Anna Mendelssohn (Fathomsun Press PDF, 2020) contributor

see also onlineworks & Le Teanga BOOKS