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Paul Hawkins

Erbacce Press 2014
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Oulipian divination meets Metro cut-up. The Crash crash-edited into resistance rhythms, cash-in-hand concrete typography, mapping the run-off’s from Claremont Road to Cameron, then cleaned out with half a brick - Tony White

Some of these poems began life during a collaborative project with artist Michael Harford called The 50//FIFTY. Some have appeared in various guises in other publications, and so thanks to the editors of the following; M58, Quincunx, The London Literary Project, Michelle McGrane’s online campaign Poets and Artists Against Rape, Verba Vitae, The PB$ Issue of Poetry Bus and Issue 2 of Boscombe Revolution.

Reading poems from Contumacy w/Scott Lavene in a disused public lavatory, Bristol.

front cover image: Paul Hawkins
rear cover image: Steve Ryan

Steve Willey reviewed Contumacy in his Transmissions series