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P & P : Patrick Cosgrove & Bob Modem - work-in-progress, a Poem Brut Commission

Written by Paul Hawkins, based on three years he spent occupying properties in London. FLEA tells the story of several characters and a chain of events that began 1990 in the (in)famous squatted community of Claremont Road in Leyton east London.

On Feb 27, 2016 Sarer Scotthorne and I talked poetry, climate change, feminism, martial arts, dissent and Place Waste Dissent amongst other things on The News Agents show on Resonance FM, with Alice Walker.

On March 21, 2015, Paul was special guest on Jude Cowan-Montague’s Resonance FM show The News Agents with poet Sarer Scotthorne (they co-run Hesterglock Press). Paul talked exclusively about road protesting, Dolly Watson, the No M11 Link Road campaign, Place Waste Dissent and also read a new poem from the book, this henry ford model. Jude played three poems from his last collection Contumacy that were specially recorded for her show. You can listen below.

taken from the album If This Is Your Best Shot Okra?
by truCulentEnigma (Paul Hawkins/Bob Modem)

track listing:
> 1. ramirez 1 - 5.10
> 2. gimbri - 21.05
> 3. drugless - 1.46
> 4. slake long march - 6.54
> 5. mill house draw - 6.30
> 6. three teas carnie mood - 7.47
> 7. ghost and out - 4.27
> 8. bloke likes three's - 4.25

all songs ©hesterglock/paul hawkins 2007

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