Paul Hawkins aka Bob Modem
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Linda Parr’s Postcards for Perec group exhibition (which includes my contribution) is now installed in The Street Gallery at the Locksbrook Campus of Bath Spa University from Jan 19 - Feb 3. Tickets are pre-booked here

EWI Studio: NEW AGENTS print exhibition extended until Feb 2, info 

EWI Studio: Holding Patterns w/ Julia Rose Lewis book launch, exhibition opening April 2,  info

EWI Studio: handsfree (Steel Incisors) w/Martin Wakefield book launch April 15

A & B Sides with Small Things Happen info

Why Chant Meat - Paul Hawkins info

7 Sketches for Short Xmas Songs with Peter Jaeger listen

A blog for Bristol Ideas on my Residency at Knowle West Media Centre / Working Class Writers Festival is here

Mercurius Number 1 (Mercurius, 2021) anthology contributor, more here

Photo Poetry SURFACES 2021 (Hesterglock Press, 2021) exhibition catalogue editor & contributor view here

THE MOUTH OF A LION (Steel Incisors, 2021) anthology contributor, more here

A poem in Jacqueline Ennis Cole’s Intersectional Geographies catalogue. Exhibition opens January at the Martin Parr Foundation, Bristol

Underground Overground Issue 2 (2021) magazine contributor, more here

Seen as Read (KUP, 2021) anthology contributor, more here

Holding Patterns work at Serendip Studios

Work in the Text-Isles exhibition, Greece, more info

Paul Hawkins aka Bob Modem
Eachwhat Industries Studio

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